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About Us


The "Kuff Environment and Health Association" is a volunteer team that loves nature and in which people who want to protect nature are found in common stake. While we were working as an informal group, we applied to become an association in 2021. Our NGO wants to continue its existence continuously with its works. 


Our NGO, which was just an idea in the beginning, has reached other people over time and our number has increased. Our members are made up of people who meet in the forums of different nature clubs. Our team has grown up by whether friend groups are influenced by each other or meet up on social media. While growing up, we are involving people in our group by being attentive who are devoted to nature, human health and environmentally conscious.


Our goal is to try to raise awareness about nature globally, starting from where we live. In our works that we will carry out, we would like to emphasize issues such as environment, health and what their results will bring to people. We believe that if people are informed about this, they will not be able to remain insensitive. We believe that the more people our work reaches, the more likely the measures against the environment and human health will increase.

Our team includes 10 people. In this team there are members from different professions such as health teacher, science teacher, physics teacher, mechatronic engineer, university students, lawyer, chemist. We continue to reach people who love nature by entering different groups. Especially by adding college students to our team, we grow together with younger generations who are conscious of health, nature and environment. When we grow our team, we pay attention to our members not being alleged nature lovers but being voluntar, we make a part of our team of our voluntary friends who have ambition to work with members of our family. At the same time, we provide university students with information about the importance of healthy life and ensure that they are informed about the subject. We share many experiences because of the people who are in our team from different professions and working areas. These experiences we share will inspire us in our work, and contribute to do better in every time our ability to do better. The fact that we are a group of people looking different perspectives from each other provides a basis to meet on common ground about nature, and the gathering of different voices brings a meaningful voice whole.


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